Welcome to 20th Century Collector

20th Century Collector is a family run business based in the heart of Derbyshire, UK.
We pride ourselves on a personal service to all our clients and never sell an item we wouldn't want to keep for ourselves!
We don't have a shop or store and work solely online via our website.

Our list prices INCLUDE FREE UK Mainland P&P .
We are proud to have a world wide client base from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Sri Lanka, Japan, Canada and most countries across Europe as well as the UK. Please email us for an international shipping quote and to place an order.

20th Century Collector have a particular focus on replacement items of discontinued Denby, Langley Pottery, replacement J&G Meakin, replacement Wedgwood, Poole Pottery, replacement Hornsea and replacement Midwinter Tableware as well as replacement flatware & cutlery from Viners, Oneida, Old Hall and the best of European makers.
We also stock a range of teak homeware, Mid Century Plastics, Glass & Mid Century homewares from makers such as Pyrex, Old Hall, Viners, Nacco, Lundtofte and Dansk Designs.


UK Mainland P&P is FREE.

PLEASE NOTE that 20th Century Collector do NOT buy items from individuals.

20th Century Collector DO NOT provide valuation or appraisal services
How to get the most from the site

Select a category e.g. Ceramics & Tableware ,select a maker e.g. Denby then use the drop down box on the right hand side to select the pattern name you are looking for.

If you know the exact item you need you can also search by typing in a particular item name or type into the main search box which is located top right or by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol top right.


20th Century Collector stock extensive ranges of replacement tableware from the best producers.
In particular we carry large stocks of Denby Pottery, Langley Pottery, Hornsea, J&G Meakin, Alfred Meakin, Midwinter, Wedgwood, Susie Cooper, Royal Doulton, Portmeirion, Spode, Poole, Kathie Winkle, Rye, & T G Green as well as the best of European tableware manufactures.

Cutlery & Flatware

20th Century Collector stock a wide range of replacement cutlery. Discontinued cutlery ranges include patterns from Viners, Amefa, Oneida, David Mellor, Ashberry, Butler, Elkington, Spear & Jackson, Lundtofte, Rogers, Old Hall, Dansk, Denby, Harrison Fisher, Wostenholm, Gense, H&M and many more.


20th Century Collector stock homewares from a range of makers including Nacco, Dansk, Dartington Glass, Lundtofte, Old Hall, Viners, Guzzini, Alessi, Melmex, Cathrineholm, Pyrex, Tupperware & more.

Glassware - 20th Century Glass

20th Century Collector stock spectacular British, Czechoslovakian, German, Italian, and Scandinavian glass - Makers including Dartington, Wedgwood, Ravenhead, Pyrex, Riihimaki, Holmegaard, Chance, Whitefriars, Sklo Union, Murano, Walther & more.

Buyers Guide & Delivery Information

Basic condition guide. All items sold by 20th Century Collector are authentic and vintage and as such will show some signs of age related wear. Unless stated, we will not detail all fault marks relating to age or production such as bubbles in hand-made glass. We will state where an item has ‘more’ than vintage age-related condition issues in the description.
For example -
Very Good condition - No chips, cracks or significant signs of wear. This particular item will still be 'of the period' and will have some very slight signs of light use.
Good condition - Items will show some signs of age related use, for example a very minor amount of crazing, but with no significant marks, chips or cracks.
Good to Fair condition - As Good, but may have more wear to patterns, light related fading in places or more than a very slight amount of crazing.
Fair condition – As above but with some minor damage or wear. We will state the condition details in most cases.
Sizes -
All sizes quoted are approximate and are within manufactures thresholds where applicable. Where provided -
(Length) L X Centimeters, (Width/Diameter) W X Centimeters, (Height) H X Centimeters
MOST ITEMS INCLUDE FREE UK MAINLAND P&P.We pride ourselves on our secure packing and all items are always packed with care.
We understand that you want to receive your item as quickly as possible and we always try to process your order ready for shipping within 24 hours of receiving your completed order. Your item will be sent by courier or Royal Mail. We track every item. See our delivery policy for details.
International buyers should email us to arrange any purchase with the name of the item and quality required.
International buyers must provide a full delivery address including a local contact telephone number to ensure we can provide shipping costs.

Care Guide

All the items listed are "period" in nature and unless stated in the description or you have prior knowledge from the manufacture we strongly recommend that you do not use ceramic items in conjunction with oven cooking unless stated for this use.
Dishwasher cleaning - older patterns may fade and use in the dishwasher will create crazing in some cases.
Take care when using items in the Microwave. This applies particularly to some items from the Pyrex and similar glass ranges. Some manufactures including Pyrex used metal aspects in some designs and decoration.Using these items in the Microwave may cause damage to your purchase as well as your Microwave cooker!
20th Century Collector can not be held responsible for any damage to the item or appliances.
There are guides and forums on the internet which provide valuable information for the care of vintage ceramics,glass and wood items.We always recommend that you research the appropriate care methods for your item if you are in doubt to maintain it's condition.

Viners Profile Stamp mark information

Viners - Profile design stamp marks - id information for 20th Century Collector website.
Viners Profile stamp marks - Stamp marks for flatware ,usually found on the handle backs, i.e. Spoons, Forks, some Serving items and Fish eaters are listed by 20th Century Collector as follows.
These descriptions and numbers are not those issued by Viners at the time of production.
They are our internal cataloguing system only to help customers identify the correct back stamps and blade stamps if they wish to match replacement items.

Flatware ID stamps 20th Century Collector
Viners Profile - Back stamp 1 - VINERS STAINLESS STEEL EMPIRE Profile HONG KONG
Viners Profile - Back stamp 2 - VINERS INT. STAINLESS STEEL HONG KONG Profile
Viners Profile - Back stamp 4 - VINERS INT. STAINLESS STEEL EMPIRE HONG KONG Profile
Viners Profile - Back stamp 5 - VINERS STAINLESS STEEL EMPIRE Profile
Viners Profile - Back stamp 6 - VINERS
Viners Profile - Back stamp 7 - VINERS STAINLESS STEEL
Viners Profile - Back stamp 8 - Viners Profile STAINLESS STEEL Korea
Viners Profile - Back stamp 9 - VINERS STAINLESS STEEL Profile
Viners Profile - Back stamp 10 - VINERS STAINLESS STEEL Profile KOREA
Viners Profile - Back stamp 11 - VINERS Profile STAINLESS PORTUGAL
Viners Profile - Back stamp 13 - VINERS STAINLESS STEEL KOREA Profile
Viners Profile - Back stamp 14 - Profile (VINERS V logo) KOREA

Viners Profile Cutlery - i.e. Cutting items, knifes are listed under a separate system of listings .
Stamps can be a “stamp” (impressed mark) of an Acid Etched mark. They can be at right angles to the handle on the blade or along the blade to the top edge.
These descriptions and numbers are not those issued by Viners at the time of production.
They are our internal cataloguing system only to help customers identify the correct back stamps and blade stamps if they wish to match replacement items.

Viners Profile - knife blade stamp 1 - Profile STAINLESS STEEL - Etch near handle
Viners Profile - knife blade stamp 2 - VINERS STAINLESS STEEL Korea - stamp mark
Viners Profile - knife blade stamp 3 - VINERS Profile STAINLESS STEEL Korea - stamp mark
Viners Profile - knife blade stamp 4 - Profile STAINLESS STEEL EMPIRE - Etch mark
Viners Profile - knife blade stamp 5 - VINERS INTERNATIONAL STAINLESS STEEL - Etch to blade
Viners Profile - knife blade stamp 6 - VINERS INTERNATIONAL - Etch to blade